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                   Welcome to "The Labrador Retriever Stud Dog Directory".  This site is designed for use by
                   reputable breeders of AKC breed standard Labradors.  

                   This site is a directory and meant to be used as a tool in selecting a stud dog, however it should
                   not be the only tool used in making your decision.  If at all possible, it is recommended that you
                   see the dog in person, speak with the owner of the dog, speak to others who have used this dog
                   for their litters.  Please remember, the more you know the better your decision will be.

It is the responsibility of the stud owner to provide accurate and honest information.  It is the responsibility of the bitch
owner to verify the accuracy of all information provided.  This site/site owner cannot be held liable for any inaccurate or
missing information. Please remember to visit the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals website to assist in verification of
health clearances, visit them at

This is a reference site.  The site owner does not endorse any particular dog over another.  Any agreements or contracts
between dog and bitch owners are personal agreements which are not negotiated through this site.  The site/site owner are
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Good luck, we hope you find this site useful.
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As this site is dedicated to the pure bred Labrador, dogs carrying the dilute gene are not permitted.  It is the educated opinion of
the web mistress and website contributors, based on facts and time lines, that the dilute gene is not present in pure-bred Labradors.

To learn more read the articles below
which were first published in the
"Labrador Quarterly" Fall 2017

"The Truth About Dilutes" authored by Margaret Wilson
"The Dilute Allele and the Labrador" authored by Margaret Wilson and Samantha Fowler, PhD