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Disclaimer:  All information presented, to include health clearances, have been provided by the owner of the dog.  
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All submissions should be sent via email to  

Submissions are open to American Kennel Club breed standard Labradors, Canadian Kennel Club breed standard Labradors
and foreign equivalent registered breed standard Labradors.    

Dogs must meet the following criteria:

1.  Dogs must be 12 months of age or older.
2.  Dogs should be active in some type of competition such as, but not limited to, conformation, obedience, hunt.
3.  Dogs should be dilute gene clear and not reside with dilute or dilute factored dogs, nor should they be owned or
co-owned by individuals owning dilute or dilute factored dogs.  (Dilute test not required)

The following information/items should be included with all submissions.

1.  Three photos.  Each photo should be 400 to 600 KB in size, with a resolution not to exceed 100 dpi (as recommended for
websites), preferred format is jpg.  Submitted photos should be owned by the person submitting the photos or they should
have in their possession written permission to publish the photo.  It is recommended you submit a head shot, stacked side
shot and a stacked front view, but it is not a requirement.  (Photo size can be reduced free of a fee, but photo size cannot
be increased because the quality of the photo would be very poor).  Images may be cropped and will be framed but NO other
photoshop will be completed.

2.  Written information, which must include:

a.  Registered name, complete with prefix and suffix titles.  Call name.
b.  Date of Birth.
c.  Color traits - ie:  dominant black, black carries yellow, etc..
d.  Health clearances.  Proof is not required, submission is on the honor system.  Links to individual OFA (or
   similiar databases) for individual listings is highly encourage.  Health certificates will not be published
   as you may provide those via your website, email or other.
e.  Three generation pedigree, complete with prefix and suffix titles for all dogs in the pedigree.
d.  Contact information including State/Province/Country.  You may list as many as you wish:  name, kennel name,
   website, email, phone number, address (not recommended), city.  Your listing will be published under your country
   and/or state/province.

Once published you are responsible for proof reading your page and should send all corrections as soon as they are noticed.    

Cost is $22.00 if paying via paypal using a credit card or $20.00 if paying by check, cash or paypal using your bank account.
Please note my PayPal account is a different email address,, please do not email this
address, I rarely check it.

Your page will be published in the order it is submitted after fee is received.   The fee includes one page in the format listed
below.  It comes with free changes for health clearances, new titles, bereavement and contact information for life.  Upon
passing, a complimentary black ribbon will be added to your page.  Photo swaps  will be offered at a lower rate each time I visit
your page (ie:  you can change 3 photos at one time for $12/$10). One dog per page.

How to submit the fee:

1.  Mail a check, please contact me at for details

2.  Cash, please do not mail cash.  If you see me in person I will accept cash.

3.  There are two methods using paypal.  

      a.  Paypal sending funds from your bank account, cost is $20.  Log onto, click on "Send Money",
           click on "Send to Family and Friends".  Follow the instructions to email funds to
   Be sure to use the yahoo address, NOT the verizon address.

      b.  Paypal using your credit card, cost is $22.  Log onto, click on "Send Money", click on
           "Pay Goods or Services".  Follow the instructions to send to, it will then ask
           for your credit card.  Again, be sure to use the yahoo address, NOT the verizon address.

Format, all pages will be in the same format (
view sample page):

Registered Name
Call Name
Date of Birth
Color Trait
Three Generation Pedigree
Health Clearances
Contact information

Right of Refusal.  The site owner reserves the right to refuse publication of any dog for any reason.  This authority shall be
used responsibly.
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As this site is dedicated to the pure bred Labrador, dogs carrying the dilute gene are not permitted.  It is the educated opinion of
the web mistress and website contributors, based on facts and time lines, that the dilute gene is not present in pure-bred Labradors.

To learn more read the articles below
which were first published in the
"Labrador Quarterly" Fall 2017

"The Truth About Dilutes" authored by Margaret Wilson
"The Dilute Allele and the Labrador" authored by Margaret Wilson and Samantha Fowler, PhD